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0 # fAYE mUSSELMAN 2013-08-04 05:49
Lizzie & Emma's uncle, John Vinnicum Morse, spent the night there Wednesday night (and subsequent nights). He was the brother of their mother, Sarah Morse Borden. He was visiting from out of town. He had a conversation with Andrew in the Sitting Room in the afternoon on Wednesday. Prosecutor Knowlton said, after the Trial, that if he knew what they talked about he would "have convicted somebody." Lizzie admitted in her own Inquest Testimony that 'their voices disturbed me." I think they talked about what would be in the Will Andrew was going to make. Anyway, that same evening, Lizzie visited Alice Russell with her prophecies of doom. Something said certainly upset her. So yes, Abby was making up the bed in the Guest Room where Uncle Morse had just slept the night before.
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+1 # Joanne Hershey 2013-03-23 08:58
Why didnt anyone think to ask why Mrs. Borden was making the bed in the guest room when she was murdered? Was there a guest the ight before, or were they expecting one? Could he/she have been the murderer?
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