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August 4, 2013 with The Pear Essential Players

2013 Lizzie Borden Reenactment Cast

It was another sold out day, ALL 9 Performances! Thank You to All who attended the AXEcution of the Pear Essential Players. We hope you all enjoyed the production and might have even learned a thing or two. You might have even come up with your own conclusions as to how this GHASTLY double homicide could have been committed.
If you would like to contact Lizzie Borden FOLLOW THIS LINK.
We are sorry for the delay of announcing the the winner of the "Free Night Stay". We had such a huge turn out at the event combined with the colossal amount of people registered on the web site that we did not have time to put all the names into the pool to draw from. We are cleaning up the house and taking a bit of a breather for a couple of days to recoup from the month long preparations and the mass influx of guest prior to, during and after this magnanimous occasion.

The lucky "Free Night Stay" winner is Bob Curran from Attelboro, MA!

aplaudiung hands
Can we please get a big round of applause for our lucky winner!!! Everyone else, GOOD LUCK next year!!!

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