Directions to Historic Places

Oak Grove Cemetery via Maplecroft Mansion

Lizzie Borden B&B
Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast / Museum

Take a right out of the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast driveway onto Second St. The road will hairpin turn to the right. Now you are on Borden St. Follow a short distance to the stop sign. At the stop sign take a left onto Fourth St.

Go thru traffic light onto Troy St. which will become High St., a one way going up a hill. Follow High St. to French St. Take a right onto French St. Shortly after the right Maplecroft Mansion will be on your left (306 French St.)

Maplecroft Drive BY
Maplecroft Mansion

Currently Maplecroft is owned by the same owners as the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast / Museum. We have been attempting diligently with much ferocity for the past three years to open this majestic land mark to the public.

Have You ever had a desire to own a piece of American History?! Currently Maplecroft is not open to the public. The owners of Maplecroft have decided to put this extraordinary, memorable and famous landmark gem on the market.

If you are interested in purchasing this stunning piece of Americana, please contact Suzanne St. John at 401-302-4404. She is the lead Real estate agent who can answer all your questions. You can take pictures from the street and we do encourage it. It is a stunning home inside and out! Please be respectful and stay on the street when you are taking pictures.

Did you Say Oak Grove Cemetery

Let's Visit the Bordens!

At the end of French St. (you will see Charlton Hospital directly in front of you) take a right. Drive one block and take a left on Prospect St. Follow Prospect St. into the entrance of Oak Grove Cemetery. (765 Prospect St. on your GPS)

Oak Grove Cemetery Entrance
Elizabeth and Emma grave site

After entering the gate bear left. You will see arrows painted on the pavement that will guide you to the Borden plot. You will exit the same way you entered. It is a big cemetery, you don’t want to be lost in it!!!!

And Now On To the Fall River Historical Society

Currently the Historical Society is not open. You can check for yourself here on their site:

Fall River Historical Society

Directions to the Historical Society from the Oak Grove Cemetery. Out of the gate of the cemetery, follow Prospect St. across Highland Ave. to Rock St. Take a left onto to Rock St. The Fall River Historical Society is on your left. You can park on Rock St.

Did Someone Say Battle Ship Cove?!

Continue down Rock St. It is a one way street. The former Central Congregational Church will be on your right. It is the church that Lizbeth attended after the trail. It is a red brick building and will have a sign in front of it that says “Institute of Culinary Arts” and formerly the Abby Grill.  It is now called “The Historic Abby” serving as an event venue!

The Battle Ship Cove & Heritage State Park

From Rock St. take a right onto Bedford St. and stay on the road which will become Central St. which leads you to Battleship Cove and Heritage State Park.

Battle Ship Cove

Battleship Cove from the Lizzie Borden House

Take a right out of the parking lot and a left at the light onto Borden St. At the next light take a right onto S. Main St. Go thru the next traffic light at Bedford St. Take a left onto Bedford St. and follow the street down to Battleship Cove.

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