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UPDATE February 5th 2014:

This is a quote from Gregory Stuart left in the comments section under the page with all the Ghost Cams on it:

"There is an entity in that house. I sensed it, felt a chill up my spine, saw a shadow move across the room, heard footsteps, dragging sounds, humming electronic sounds. I have only experienced this much dread, and have only experienced a demon this powerful once before, at the house of a very powerful witch named Robin Kazmarczeck. I feel cold, as if the demon was able to connect with my physical space, as if it was able to come into my window, through the connection somehow. I am terrified."

We will look through the video of that day and keep you posted if anything is found.


UPDATE February 4th 2014:

Due to the abuse of the "15 Minute Free Trial Ghost Cam" subscription we are sorry to say that the live free ghost cam subscription has been discontinued. So in it's place we will allow new comers to only view pre-recorded events that will be the same all the time. This will be availiable in the near future.


UPDATE January 30th 2014:

Lizbeth has listened to all her fans and on her suggestion we have made the "Ghost Cams" affordable for everyone with the ability to get on the internet!!!

We have created a 1Day pass for $2 which runs from the time of purchase until midnight the following day. So you receive more then 24 hours of paranormal investigation time!!!

In light of responses, emails and survey results we have reduced the monthly subscription to an unbelievably low $5 for the first 6 months and $5.99 for every consecutive month after the first 6 months.

And where else on the web can you get High Quality HD video "Ghost Hunting" right from your own desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet for an incredible $50 for the entire year!!!

Follow this link to read more about all the exciting perks, special gifts and sweepstakes that come with the different types of memberships.

You Say You Would Like to View the "Ghost Cams"

You can upgrade your subscription at anytime by

  1. Signing into your Lizzie Borden Community account.
  2. Clicking the menu item under the "Lizzie Community" menu item "View Your Profile".
  3. Once in your profile, click on the "Subscription" link.
  4. Choose the subscription you would most enjoy and click on the upgrade button at the bottom of the page.

It is as easy as finding something strange happeing in the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast / Museum!!!

Not so sure about the Quality or Axperience you may have?

lizzie-room-GC If you have not already tried the free 15 minute trial of the "Ghost Cams" please follow the instructions above and click on  that subscription option.

You will see all of what is happening in the house while the cameras are live and see prerecorded video if the "Ghost Cams" are off. Either way you will get a good look and feel for what your monthly or yearly subscription has in store for you.

So why are you still reading this?! Go check it out!!!


Lizbeth here and am glad to annonce our Ghost Cam Project team has worked out all the kinks in their witchery! All the cameras are runing live for free until this Friday morning. We are also runing a promotion until Decamber 15th were you can get a Monthly subscription for $7.99 or a Yearly Subscription for $79.00. You will not see this promotion again, so if you were on the fence about subscribing, your chance is now.

If you have a free or monthly subscription already, you may log into your account and click on the "Your Profile" where you logged in then the "Suscription" tab and upgrade your free subscription to the monthly or yearly subscription.

If you have not yet registered, you may follow this link to register for your subscription.

Hope to see you all soon!!!


Greetings All

Lizbeth here! Hoping you are enjoying this holiday season and are in good spirits!

The "Ghost Cam" project has been off to a bit of a rocky start and we would like to extend our apologies. So axe a gesture of good faith we here at the Lizzie Borden Community are allowing all registered users a chance to watch all the live and recorded video feeds while we are working the kinks out of this new fangled witchery.

We hope you enjoy yourself and hope to see you soon. Tata for now,


P.S. All the feeds will be on and off sporadically through out the days. There will be no live feeds while there are guest in the house. During the day you may see people and things going on in the house. Tours run during the day and the regular routine of the running bed & breakfast will be seen during the day. If you are under 18 please get your parents permission to view this content. We are not responsible for what happens on these cameras (we have to say that bit for the lawyers).

To see the live and recorded feeds, log into your Lizzie Borden Community account and click on the "Ghost Cams" link in the top menu. Once on the "Ghost Cams" page scroll down the page to see the links for all the rooms. If the camera does not say "Live" in the lower right hand corner, there should be a previously recorded video playing on the feed. 



0 # nicole 2014-04-04 09:55
It's so sad and infuriating that people abuse other people's services at all, yet to the point where it ruins it for others where they have to be restricted & you as a selfless giving propriater must go through the hassels of putting all these regulations on your videos when all you wanted to do was share the experience with others. what a sad world we live in these days it seems. thank you for still allowing us some free preview. also for trying to keep your prices affordable for most everyone. I dream of a day that we may visit & stay at you fascinating B&B. Although tragic, The mystery here has always fascinated me since I was a child. I'd love to visit first hand. God Bless all of you.
Best Regards.
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+1 # Stefanie Donnell 2013-12-10 16:57
Hello, I am signed in and have rec'd several emails about the ghost cams that are free to view until this Friday, but can't find anywhere on the site where to view them? Where do we go to see this? Thank you!
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+1 # Jerry Pacheco 2013-12-10 17:36
Hello Stefanie,
Once you are logged in if you go to the menu item "Ghost Cams" there is a sub menu "All Cams" where you can view all the cameras at once and if you click on the "Ghost Cams" menu item, at the bottom of the page you can view the individual cameras on their own separate pages. Hope this helps!
~~~The Webmaster~~~
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