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Live streaming video by Lizzie "Ghost Cam" Project


0 # Deseray 2015-08-22 21:47
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0 # April Burwell 2014-05-13 20:08
USTREAM"off Air" at 8PM 5/13 but interesting to see someone moving about & making lighting and sound adjustments in this room. Is the bath is across the hall? any activity in there? 806pm light around hall bath is blue with red dot. hmmm...did this happen before or part of lighting?
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0 # Jerry Pacheco 2014-05-14 11:04
Hi April,
If the camera went off air it is because the signal was interfered with and the video you were seeing was a pre-recorded video of me setting up the camera. The red dot is the Exit sign. Not sure about the blue light you are seeing. Will have to look at that video a bit closer.
Hope this answers your question.

~~~The Webmaster~~~
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