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Stanley Hotel front coverAnother Facinating book in her ever expanding series of "History and Haunting" by Rebecca F. Pittman

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 Come explore the secrets of the mysterious Stanley Hotel with author, historian, and ghost-hunter Rebecca F. Pittman. With her as your guide, you will traverse the hotel and grounds from the fourth floor rooms down to the underground tunnel that was part of the original foundation of the main building. You will explore the grounds and outbuildings from the Concert Hall to the Carriage House, and everything in between. On your ghostly journey, you will discover... - The spirit of F.O. Stanley, the man who envisioned and built the hotel, who today wanders the lobby and stops in for an occasional game of billiards. - His wife Flora, who has been known to come back to visit her favorite piano in the music room of the hotel. - The legendary MacGregor Room, where visitors through the years have experienced many haunted occurrences. - And of course, Room 217, the extravagant, haunted room that inspired the Master of Horror Stephen King to pen his best-selling novel, The Shining. The Stanley Hotel is truly a wondrous place, and in the pages of this book you are in for an incredible journey through the ages with its history, and of course, its mystifying hauntings.

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