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House Rules

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Thank you for visiting the Lizzie Borden House!

If this is your first time here, welcome! If you are a returning guest, welcome back! Please find a list of resources to make your stay enjoyable and entertaining.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fire Exit and Escape Plan

Room Directions

Basement Rooms

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House Rules

We love children, but only well-behaved children over 7 years of age are allowed for overnight stays.

• No outside alcohol or Ouija boards are permitted on the property

• “Quiet Time” begins at 11 PM. Please retire to your rooms to ensure for a peaceful night’s sleep for other guests. Please respect other guests and remain considerate.

• Zero Tolerance Policy for candle burning, incense, vaping, or any smoke or fire of any kind in the house. The fire department will arrive, and you will be fined heavily and removed! We may also assume you are on fire and take appropriate action.

• We love pets but cannot accommodate them. Please keep your pets at home.

• Common areas include the first floor (but not the kitchen or basement). If you would like to stay up later in these areas if they are open, you are welcome to.

• Spending more than one night? Awesome! Please be advised that we will need access to your room for daily tours. For this purpose, we ask that you be out of the house by 10:30 AM. You may return by 4:30 PM.

• Check-Out: 10:30am (Strict check-out, no extensions can be given due to tours)

• Check-In: 5pm or later

• If you need more towels or blankets in your room, please ask a staff member on duty.


  • The plumbing is fragile, as this is a victorian house. Please be mindful of how much toilet paper you use in a single flush.
  • If the plumbing does need to be fixed / repaired guests may be required to pay for the repair.
  • Be courteous to other guests, if the toilet paper runs out please refill the toilet tissue holder with the extra rolls in the bathroom.

• Want to switch rooms? If there are other rooms available in the house and it is possible for you to switch, we are happy to accommodate your request in advance. However, please sleep in the room you booked, even if there is another bed available, and do not switch without permission.

• Museum/Gift Shop. If you would like to view items in the museum and peruse souvenirs, please visit us in the barn behind the house. The gift shop is also available online, and we can ship items to you! Notify staff if it is not open and they will be happy to open the barn for you.

What’s in the museum? The museum and gift shop occupy a shared space in the barn. The museum displays artifacts found on the property, original newspapers for public viewing, a public restroom, and over 1,000 pages of Lizzie Borden related letters, news clips, and more.

• If you find that your room is not at a satisfactory temperature, please inform staff so we can make your stay here more comfortable.

• Your door access code is good for the duration of your stay. 
• Please do not touch any light switches that have a plastic cover on them. If you see a switch like this, please use it to control the lights, and not anyother light switch.

Press and hold the button to dim the lights; press to rotate through different light settings. Motion sensors are in place on all areas of the first floor with the exception of the kitchen.

Light Control button

Recommended Activities

We offer several activities to keep you occupied throughout the day. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Breakfast followed by house tour
  • House tour, 60 to 90 mins (10:30 – 3:30)

In addition, we will be adding several activities in the end of 2021 and 2022 which may be available to you. Please check the website for options!  

Times will vary based on season and availability. Please visit our website and click book now to view all available options and dates and times.


  • Guest WiFi network: LizzieHouseGuest
    • Password: 92SecondSt
  • Email us here