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The bright lights in the middle of the desert are a beacon to those looking to have the time of their lives. While the glitzy casinos of Las Vegas are known to have a seedy underbelly, they’re also home to some of the spookiest ghost stories in the Southwest. Book a tour with US Ghost Adventures if you want to see the best and worst of the haunted history of Las Vegas!


We’re one of the top ghostly tour companies in America, and we even own the creepy Lizzie Borden House! Join us on a tour of the gleaming Vegas Strip for an unforgettably terrifying experience! You’ll be accompanied by one of our expert tour guides, all Las Vegas locals who’ve had plenty of encounters with the supernatural. Our tours are fun, informative, but most of all, authentic! There’s nobody in a cheesy costume trying to get a scare out of you. We let the ghosts do all the haunting! Don’t let the opportunity pass you by! Book your Las Vegas ghost tour today!


Long before the shiny casinos rose out of the desert floor, the Las Vegas Valley was inhabited by the Anasazi and Paiute peoples for thousands of years. During European conquest, the Southwest fell under Spanish rule. Due to the remoteness of the Las Vegas Valley, it remained untouched for hundreds of years. Spanish traders and missionaries occasionally crossed through the valley, naming it Las Vegas, Spanish for The Meadows, due to the abundance of grasses and wildflowers. John C. Fremont passed through the area in the late 1800s and helped attract settlers to the region. Fremont Street was later named after him. Mormons from Salt Lake also built a fort in the area, part of which still exists today. The modern-day city of Las Vegas was founded in 1905 as a stopover for the Union Pacific Railroad. In 1931, the beginnings of today’s Las Vegas were created. Nevada legalized gambling, reduced residency requirements for divorce down to six weeks, and construction began on the nearby Hoover Dam. The 1950s saw the explosion of the gaming industry along Las Vegas Blvd, and the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign was erected in 1959.

The city became the premier entertainment city in the nation, which attracted seedy elements like mobsters, brothels, and drugs, and Vegas was dubbed “Sin City.” In the 2010s, the city underwent a campaign to clean up its image by building museums, a performing arts center, and bringing in more family-friendly amenities. Yet, the city’s reputation as being a hotbed of adult-themed entertainment remains. But Las Vegas isn’t all casinos and nightclubs. Ghosts and specters roam freely through the city streets! Many of the most famous casinos are said to be haunted, like the Circus Circus. The hotel is rumored to be the site of several murders, including a murder-suicide involving a mother and her son. The ghost of the late Tupac Shakur, who was shot to death near the Strip in 1996, has also been spotted around town. Ready for a glimpse of the spooky side of Sin City? Book your Las Vegas ghost tour today at!

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