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Ever wonder why New York is known as the City That Never Sleeps? It's because the ghosts keep the city restless! So come to experience New York like never before by taking a haunted tour through the crowded city streets!


US Ghost Adventures offers the best ghost tours in the country! We even own the creepy Lizzie Borden House, the site of a grisly double murder. Our tour guides are New Yorkers who know the low down on the haunted history of the city. They’ve even had their fair share of creepy supernatural encounters. Our tours are fun, educational, and, best of all, they’re authentic. There’s nobody in some cheap costume waiting to scare you. We rely on the ghosts to get that blood flowing. Whether you’re a native New Yorker or a tourist looking to enjoy your time in the city, a tour with US Ghost Adventures is an unforgettable experience! So don’t keep these spirits waiting! Book your New York ghost tour today!


There’s no place like New York City! If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere! And that applies to the ghosts too! New York can trace its roots to the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam, founded in 1625 on land originally inhabited by the Lenape tribes. The settlement was later handed over to the British, becoming part of the Colony of New York. The city grew in importance as it became a major port and center of commerce. During the American Revolution, the Brits took the city in the Battle of Long Island. New York became a Loyalist refuge, and the Brits used the city as a base of operations, being joined by thousands of escaped slaves. During the 19th and 20th centuries, New York’s population exploded, as the city’s central location and its status as a financial and cultural stronghold attracted immigrants from all over the globe. Today, New York is a world-class city and one of the most recognizable places in the world. The city’s eclectic clash of cultures, long history, and the sheer volume of high strangeness have left behind countless horrors just waiting to be explored. There aren’t any two-bit spooks in the Big Apple. Many of New York’s most famous landmarks are haunted. Washington Square Park is the site of a mass grave stemming from the city’s many Yellow Fever epidemics.

Their ghosts are still known to haunt the park at night. The iconic Empire State Building was at one time the world’s tallest building, and today it might still be the tallest haunted building on Earth. The building has been the site of several suicides over the years, and their ghosts have been seen around the observation deck. Central Park is a known haunted hotspot, and as the saying goes, the freaks come out at night! So don’t miss your chance to see the city like never before! Book your New York ghost tour today at!

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Washington Square Park Arch

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Ghost tours are held nightly, rain or shine.

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1 hr. across 1 mile

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