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How about some spooky history about Atlanta through a ghost tour? US Ghost Adventures will provide you with a fun and informative ghost tour of Atlanta! USGA gives ghost tours in Atlanta and other cities across the country.


We don’t hire just any fly-by-night guides either - our guides are handpicked and have extensively researched knowledge of the accounts of what happened at each of our tour stops.

Who knows, you may even hear some firsthand spooky stories of the unexplainable that our guides or other guests in the group have experienced! If you are looking for a Halloween haunted house type of thrill, this tour is not for you. We don’t have people dressed in costumes to jump out and scare you. We provide informative information about the history and legends of Atlanta to make some sense of the unexplained occurrences that have happened throughout the years.


Atlanta is full of haunting history and legends about buildings, theaters, battlefields, cemeteries, churches, houses, and more. Whether you are just visiting Georgia or looking into the history and legends of your hometown Atlanta, USGA’s Atlanta Ghost Tour will undoubtedly give you a spine-tingling satisfaction of a ghost tour that will stick with you forever!

Known for the world’s best peaches, Atlanta was founded in 1837 at the end of the Western and Atlantic railroad lines. First called Terminus for its railroad location; it was requested by the locals to name it Lumpkin after the Governor. However, Lumpkin requested to have it named after his daughter Martha. So, Marthasville it was. Not long after that, the name was permanently changed to Atlanta, the feminine version of the Atlantic after the railroad.

Atlanta’s first settlers were Native Americans called Creek people. The War of 1812 ended for the Creek nation with expulsion from 21 million acres between Alabama and Georgia.
During the Civil war, Atlanta was an important railroad and military supply hub.
Racial adversities resulted in the Atlanta massacre of 1906 when the whites and blacks revolted against each other in prejudice. 1917 brought a devastating fire of an unknown source which resulted in over 10,000 people becoming homeless.

From wars to racial segregation to a series of child murders, Atlanta has had its fill of haunting tragedies. The history is rich despite the pain and suffering and is home to the world’s busiest airport, which takes planes, trains, and automobiles to get to a connecting flight.

Experience a peachy good time and the wonder of historical Atlanta! Book your Atlanta Ghost Tour today with US Ghost Adventures at!

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Babs Midtown

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Ghost tours are held nightly, rain or shine.

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