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If you're looking for a fun and educational ghost tour in Chicago, look no further! US Ghost Adventures is the top haunted house and ghost tour company in the country-we even own the Lizzie Borden House!


Every tour is hosted by a local, experienced, and knowledgeable guide. We offer firsthand accounts from people who have experienced the unexplained. You may hear eerie encounters from a guest or some of the tour guide's own! If you're looking for an amusement park thrill, our tours aren't suited for you. We don't have people dressed in costumes to jump out and scare you. We strive to make sense out of the unexplainable. Whether you're visiting Chicago or just looking into your hometown's haunted past, our tours provide you with an adventure you'll never forget!


In the 1780s, a trader, Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, established the region of Chicago. A free black man from Haiti, he is commonly referred to as "Founder of Chicago."

After the United States won the Northwest Indian War in 1795, the Potawatomi tribes were forced to hand over portions of land. By 1833, they were forcibly removed from their land entirely. In 1837, Chicago was incorporated as a city. 1871 brought the catastrophic Great Chicago Fire. To this day, it's not sure what caused the fire, but the damage was extensive. The 1920s brought the prohibition of alcohol and ushered in the Gangster Era. 1929 marked the day of the infamous St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Al Capone sent men to gun down a rival gang, North Side, led by Bugs Moran.

The economic crisis of The Great Depression devastated Chicago. Chicago was also a hotbed for labor activism leading to what is known as the Labor Day Massacre of 1937. Police opened fire on a group of anti-union demonstrators. Ten people were killed, nine were disabled, and twenty-eight had severe head injuries from police clubbing. Chicago moved away from racial segregation in 1983 when Harold Washington became the first black mayor.

Chicago built the nation's first skyscraper in 1884 and the world's tallest building (the Sears Tower) in 1974. Chicago is the start of the historic "Route 66." Through the bloodshed, violence, and prejudices, Chicago prevailed.

Book your spot for a Chicago Ghost Tour with US Ghost Adventures at today! We guarantee a ghostly good time, and you'll learn more in-depth haunting history about the Windy City!

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Julia Porter Park

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Ghost tours are held nightly, rain or shine.

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1 hr. across 1 mile

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