Murder Mystery Game

Murdery Mystery Game

The Lizzie Borden Murder Mystery Game is a fun, Lizzie-Borden inspired board game that will provide you and your friends or family hours of grizzly entertainment. Order now.

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Game Manual

August 4, 1892…
Andrew & Abby Borden are found dead in one of the rooms of the Borden house – apparent victims of foul play.

To win, you must determine the answers to these three questions: WHO KILLED THE BORDENS? WHERE WERE THEY KILLED? AND HOW?


Game Setup

  1. Take that Suspect token and place it on the assigned starting space. If fewer than 6 are playing, be sure to place the remaining tokens onto the appropriate names because they might be involved in the crime!
  2. Place each of the weapons at random in a room.

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  1. When you make a Suggestion, you may, if you wish, name one or more of the cards that you hold in your own hand. You might want to do this to gain information or to mislead your opponents.
  2. You may, if you wish, make a Suggestion and an Accusation on the same turn.
  3. You may make only one Suggestion after entering a particular room. To make your next Suggestion, you must either enter a different room or, sometime after your next turn, re-enter the room that you most recently left. You may not forfeit a turn to remain in a particular room.
  4. You may make a Suggestion that includes a token or weapon that’s already in your room. In this case, transferring one or both of those items is not necessary. When a transfer is necessary, no transferred item is returned to it’s original position after the Suggestion is made.
  5. On his or her next turn, a transferred player has a chance:
    • a. To move from the room in one of the usual ways; or
    • b. To make a Suggestion for that room. If he or she decides to make a Suggestion for that room, that player does not roll the dice or even move his or her token.
  6. There is no limit to the number of tokens or weapons that may be in one room at one time.

Tips To Win

  1. Cross of your cards correctly
    This seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many people realize after the game they didn’t cross off a card.
  2. Eliminate one possibility every turn
    If you can eliminate all false possibilities first, then you have a huge advantage over the other players. Any turn where you don’t make a suggestion is a wasted turn.
  3. Don’t ask cards you know your opponents have
    After you start by marking off all of your own cards, you want to learn about more cards you can mark off as soon as you can. If your opponents show you a card that you have already seen, then it was a wasted turn.
    Note: You can suggest your own cards because nobody will be able to disprove them.
  4. Use the secret passages
    You can move from a room to another room without having to risk rolling the dice. This lets you make two suggestions in a row, without having to worry about bad luck when you roll the die.
  5. Make new deductions based on known information
    If you know that someone has the revolver card while you have the Mr. Green card and someone else shows a card to disprove the suggestion of “Mr. Green, in the library with a revolver”, then you know that card must be the library.
  6. Figure out what your opponents know
    If an opponent repeatedly uses the same item in suggestions, it probably means nobody else can disprove that item.
    If someone has made three suggestions in a row about the rope, chances are high that the rope is either the murder weapon or in that opponent’s hand.
  7. Try to learn about the room cards whenever you can
    It’s usually harder to figure out in which room the crime happened because room suggestions are limited by the location of the player.
  8. Spend your time in rooms
    When you enter a room, make a suggestion. If someone suggests you and drags you to a new room, make a suggestion there on your next turn. Not only will this let you learn more about the weapons and people, but you can use the unfair summons trick. If another player is about to reach a good room to make a suggestion, you can make a suggestion about that player’s character, which will drag their pawn back to your room. When that player takes his next turn to make a suggestion in your room, you can simply show your room card.

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for several days. She pleaded for help, but it fell upon deaf ears for Bowen dismissed the matter as mere food poisoning. Not only was Bowen the very first doctor to arrive at the Borden home, making it easy for him to tamper with the scene or hide evidence but he continues to raise suspicion as he repeatedly seems to try and deter the investigation, even throwing potential evidence into the fire. He further complicates the matter by prescribing Ms Lizzie a heavy dose of morphine while she is being interrogated, making it very difficult for her to answer questions. Why would the family doctor involve himself to such a high degree? Is he protecting Miss Lizzie, or perhaps trying to cover-up his own bloody involvement?

RUFUS B. HILLIARD – Born May 5th, 1849 in Pembroke, Maine, elected City Marshall of Fall River in 1886. Hilliard acts as the lead investigator for the Borden murders, and is present at the scene following the discovery of the bodies. On the morning of August 4th he places himself in Warwick, Rhode Island with the rest of the department celebrating their yearly clam boil. Suspiciously, this information was made readily available to the public, opening the door to endless possibilities for crime and violence in the city of Fall River. Is this an unfortunate misjudgment, or a carefully concocted plan and an intentional offering of opportunity? Following the murders Hilliard very aggressively persues Ms. Lizzie as his prime suspect, denying the possibility of any other culprit. Is this a frantic attempt to cover up something much more sinister that runs even deeper than we imagined? Perhaps Hilliard is intentionally misleading the investigation to frame Lizzie. Is it possible that this conspiracy goes straight to the top?

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Murdery Mystery Game Cards

28 Game Cards

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Murdery Mystery Game Board
Murdery Mystery Game Note Sheets

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Murdery Mystery Game Tokens
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