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Are you visiting Williamsburg and wish you could learn more about its history before you leave? Or perhaps you live in the city and have always wondered what some of the oldest buildings in the square were – now you can find out, with US Ghost Adventures! We offer hauntingly fun historical tours in over 33 cities in America, Williamsburg included! US Ghost Adventure's Williamsburg ghost tour is ranked as one of the Top 10 Ghost Tours in America by US City Traveler and the Best Tour Operator Award in Williamsburg!


Our tours are unlike any other, with knowledgeable local guides ready to show you the spookiest spots around town. If you're looking for amusement park thrills, look elsewhere. Our tours are relaxed and focused on local history and lore – they're even appropriate for kids! We offer an authentic experience that allows questions to be asked about some of your city's most unexplainable happenings. So if you're in Williamsburg and looking for a great time, keep USGA in mind!


Williamsburg was one of America's first planned cities. Laid out in 1699 under the supervision of Governor Francis Nicholson, it was to be a "new and well-ordered city" suitable for the capital of the largest and most populous of the British colonies in America. A succession of beautiful capitol buildings became home to the oldest legislative assembly in the New World. The young city proliferated into the center of Virginia's political, religious, economic, and social life.

Williamsburg ceased to be the capital of the new Commonwealth of Virginia in 1780 and declined, although not to the degree Jamestown had. Another factor was travel: 18th- and early 19th-century transportation in the colony was mainly by canals and navigable rivers. As it had been built on "high ground," Williamsburg was not sited on a major water route, unlike many early US communities. The railroads that were being built in the 1830s also did not yet come through the city.

With its cobblestone streets and historically preserved homes, Williamsburg is steeped in history, some of it a little unexplained and just a bit spooky. One of those questionable locations is the public hospital in Williamsburg, Virginia. It was the first asylum in North America dedicated solely to the treatment of the mentally ill. Established in 1773, the building included 24 patient isolation cells and high walls surrounding the grounds. As the years went on, the building grew into a compound, able to house up to 300 patients.

When the institution was opened in 1773, the treatment of mentally ill patients was nothing if not crude and misinformed. It was assumed that patients were "choosing irrational behavior," and treatments included electroshock, isolation, bleeding, potent drugs, and more. The mistreatment of patients in its early years of operation is the cause of the unusual events that have occurred throughout its history, from strange fires to ghostly visitations.

So, if you're looking for a unique tour, a hauntingly fun date night idea, or a spooky day trip with the kids, US Ghost Adventure's Williamsburg ghost tour is the plan for you! Check out our website at www.usghostadventures.com to book your tour today!

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