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Are you looking to book an original and fun ghost tour in Charlotte? You’ve found the right place! US Ghost Adventure is the leading haunted house and ghost tour company in America - we even own the Lizzie Borden House! Each tour is given by a handpicked local guide who’s experienced and knowledgeable about the haunted history of each location. You’ll get firsthand accounts from people who have experienced the unexplained - you may even hear eerie stories from other guests about their own encounters or even from the tour guide themselves! There’s just one thing. If you’re looking for an amusement park type of thrill, then these aren’t the tours for you. We don’t hire people to dress in costumes that jump out to scare you. This is an authentic experience and tour that strives to make sense out of the unexplainable. Whether or not you are just visiting North Carolina or if you’re looking to learn more about your hometown’s haunted history, our ghost tour adventures provide you with a ghostly experience you will forever remember!

The first inhabitants of Charlotte recorded in Spanish records from 1567 were the Catawba Native American tribe. Sadly, smallpox nearly wiped out the 10,000 people in the tribe by 1826. Smallpox was an endemic among Europeans, and the Native Americans had not built immunity to the new disease. That was one way for the Europeans to grab hold of the land!
Incorporated in 1768, Charlotte was nicknamed “Queen City” after the Queen Consort of Great Britain and Ireland. Another nickname that stuck with the city is “The Hornets Nest.” This came about when General George Cornwallis occupied the city during the American Revolutionary War and was driven out by hostile residents. He wrote that Charlotte was “a hornet’s nest of rebellion.”

In 1799 in a nearby county, a 12-year-old boy, Conrad Reed, found a 17-pound rock. His family used it as a doorstop until three years later when a jeweler determined the stone was nearly solid gold. He bought the piece from the family for $3.50. This marked the first piece of gold discovered in the country, setting off the nation’s first gold rush.
After the Civil War, Charlotte added railroads, the economy no longer counted on slavery and farming, and they began embracing factories and urbanization.
Although the history of Charlotte seems somewhat uneventful and straightforward, the tragedies of war, disease, and natural disasters took their toll on the city over the years. It is these tragedies that add to the rich, haunting history you will want to explore.
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Since 2013, US Ghost Adventures has offered entertaining, historic, and authentic ghost tours of America’s most haunted cities. We deliver fun yet honest accounts of hauntings across the nation. Our ghost stories are based on historical research, but that doesn’t mean they won’t send a chill down your spine.

Our founder, Lance Zaal, is an authority on haunted sites in the US is frequently
consulted by the media as an expert on unexplained phenomena. US Ghost Adventures also offers virtual tours, a self-guided mobile app, and an Alexa voice app.

The historical ghost tours offered by US Ghost Adventure aren’t only educational; they’re lots of fun! There’s something about walking through the streets of Charlotte that will give you a spine-tingling sensation from the rich and haunting historical past. The lives lived and the lives lost are all a part of the historical steppingstones to the city that Charlotte has become over the years.

We offer a great variety of historical information on cities across the country suitable for all ages, so be sure to bring the kids! Charlotte’s haunted history is beckoning you! Don’t hesitate and schedule your Charlotte Ghost Tour today!

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