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Orlando is known as the theme park capital of the world. But despite its family-friendly reputation, Orlando has a creepy dark side...where ghosts and ghouls hideout in the Florida swamps! Don’t miss out on Orlando’s haunts! Take a tour with US Ghost Adventures, the best ghost tour company in America!


You’ll be guided by the best local tour guides Orlando has to offer. They’re experts in local history, and they’ve even had some brushes with real live poltergeists! Our tours are fun, educational, and, best of all, they’re authentic! You won’t find anyone hiding in the dark wearing a cheesy costume trying to get a scare. We rely on the natural haunted essence of the city to get that adrenaline flowing. So don’t wait! Whether you’re an Orlando native or a tourist here for a thrill, US Ghost Adventures has an experience you won’t soon forget! Book your Orlando ghost tour today!


Before Walt Disney ruled Orlando, the area was primarily a swamp with very little human presence. In the 1700s, several Indigenous tribes settled in Spanish Florida, finding refuge from the encroaching European colonists. Over time, their cultures melded into one, creating the Seminole Tribe. When they fell under American rule, the government attempted to force them out, leading to the Seminole Wars, the longest struggle by Indigenous people against the colonial forces. A few decades later, the town of Orlando was laid out. The population exploded during reconstruction and was established as a city in 1885. The area became known as the center of Florida’s citrus industry, and later, as a resort town. But it wasn’t until the 1960s, when Walt Disney announced plans to build his mega-theme park, that the Orlando we know and love was born. Walt Disney World opened in 1971, and the rest is history. Today, the city is a world-renowned tourist destination and sets a standard for resort cities across the globe. When most people think of Orlando, we think of theme parks, cartoon characters, and thrill rides. But this tourist trap has a lot more in store than just amusement parks.

You’ll be surprised to know that O-Town is very haunted! Ghosts and spirits are abound in Orlando, and they’re all over the city! The ghosts of hardened gangster Ma Barker and her family still haunt the house where they once hid from the authorities. The spooky Greenwood Cemetery is known to attract the ghosts of children who died much too young. Visitors claim to have been roused by their spirits while strolling through the graveyard. The town of Lake Helen, just a few miles away, is known as the “Psychic Center of the World,” and everybody there is a medium of some sort. So don’t miss out on the many spooks of Central Florida! Book an Orlando ghost tour today at www.usghostadventures.com!

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