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There's no better way to see the terrors that lie in Savannah than on a tour with US Ghost Adventures. Our ghost tours will take you to the spookiest haunts in town, complete with a locally sourced tour guide who's got expert knowledge on Savannah's haunted history.


With so many ghouls roaming about the city, you're sure to come across a ghost or two. We have fun on our ghost tours, and we rely on actual, authentic supernatural occurrences. There's nobody in a cheesy costume sneaking up behind you. Savannah has a long, bloody history, and it's waiting for you to dive right in. Come check out the city's haunted houses with US Ghost Adventures! Book your haunted Savannah ghost tour today!


Savannah is one of the oldest cities in America. The city was founded in 1733 as a small settlement on the Savannah River. It served as the British colonial capital of Georgia and continued serving as the capital after Georgia became a state. Savannah became a significant hub for cotton exports and slave imports. Slaves were forced to work the busy docks along the river, often dying from heat exhaustion or sometimes even being crushed by large bales of cotton. During the American Revolution and the Civil War, Savannah saw several battles, soaking the land in blood and leaving behind a ghostly aura in places like Madison Square. A series of forts were built around the city's perimeter to protect it from British and Union ships. They surprisingly held up against the superior Union forces until the city was invaded by land in 1864. The spirits of dead soldiers still haunt these forts to this day. Over the years, Savannah has also seen several deadly fires which threatened to level the city and a series of Yellow Fever epidemics that resulted in piles of bodies being tossed into mass graves. In other words, there's no shortage of haunts! Almost all of the city's old, grandiose mansions are haunted, and a large portion of them were built during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Mercer House, the Sorrel Weed House, and the Davenport House are just a few of the many haunted houses that dot the town. Many of Savannah's city squares are haunted, too, like Madison Square and Columbia Square, both said to be home to long-forgotten burial grounds. And the cobblestone pavement on River Street is stained with blood, and the ghosts of imported slaves from Africa are a common sight. Take a spooky stroll through town and book your Savannah ghost tour today at!

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Oglethorpe Square

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Ghost tours are held nightly, rain or shine.

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