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Want to take a spooky stroll through the oldest city in America? US Ghost Adventures will bring the ghosts in St. Augustine back to life!


Our ghost tours are run by local paranormal and historical experts who have real experience in the spirit world and have come face to face with a few real ghosts. They’ll safely guide you through spooky alleyways and haunted houses of St. Augustine, and you might even have a few frightening experiences yourself! Our tours are exciting, and the best part is that we rely on real supernatural phenomena to get that blood flowing. There’s nobody in a costume hiding in the dark for a cheap scare; we let the ghosts do all the haunting! The streets of St. Augustine are soaked in blood, so there’s no shortage of terrors. Whether you’re just visiting or a local looking to learn about your hometown, book a haunted tour around St. Augustine with US Ghost Adventures!


Founded in 1565 by Spanish explorers, St. Augustine claims the title of America’s oldest city. St. Augustine served as Florida’s capital city for hundreds of years as it constantly changed hands between Spanish and British rule. St. Augustine saw numerous battles as pirates, and enemy kingdoms attempted to seize control. Both the Brits and French have attacked the city several times, and the British succeeded after the Seven Years War, holding St. Augustine for twenty years. The historic city became part of the United States when the Spanish ceded over Florida, and old plantation owners began setting up shop in the area. But still, Saint Augustine saw more battles. The Castillo de San Marcos became a holding cell for captive Natives after the Seminole Wars. St Augustine lacked defenses during the Civil War, which allowed the Union to take the city with ease in 1862. Today, St. Augustine still serves as one of Florida’s many major tourist destinations. After centuries of war, disease, and death, the city has become one of America’s haunted hotspots.

Ghosts and spirits are abound in St. Augustine, and the spooky history has helped make the city a unique part of American culture. The ghost of Henry Flagler has been spotted at several spots across the city, and the Castillo de San Marcos is stained with the blood of countless battles. Some say the ghosts of Spanish soldiers still haunt the fort, and shadow people have been seen in the hidden depths of the Castillo. Watch out for the St. Augustine Monster if you just so happen to go for a swim! This tentacled behemoth takes no prisoners! No matter what kind of haunt tickles your fancy, we’ve got something to keep you on your toes. The Old City is your St. Augustine ghost tour today at!

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