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Good food, live music, and of course, ghosts! The streets of New Orleans are crawling with ghosts and ghouls, and there’s no better way to experience the haunted side of the Big Easy than with US Ghost Adventures!


We offer the best ghost tours in the country, and we’ll guide you through the horrors of the Louisiana bayou, all while learning about the exciting history of America’s most unique city. You’ll be accompanied by our locally sourced tour guides, who have in-depth knowledge of New Orleans history. And you can bet that they’ve come face-to-face with some of NOLA’s most infamous ghosts! Our tours are exciting, informative, but best of all, they’re authentic! We rely on the city’s haunted history to get the blood flowing. There’s nobody in a cheap costume sneaking up behind you for a quick scare. Locals and tourists alike will have a fantastic time on a spooky ghost tour through the French Quarter. So what are you waiting for? Book your New Orleans ghost tour today!


With a vibrant history that spans three centuries, there’s no place like New Orleans. The cultural clash of African, French and Spanish traditions has created a unique environment where ghosts and spirits thrive in the streets of the French Quarter. The city was founded in 1718 by the French on land that was originally inhabited by the Chitimacha tribe. The city always held strategic importance, being situated at the delta of the Mississippi River. New Orleans was highly sought after by every colonial power and even fell under Spanish rule for a short period. Even after the Louisiana Purchase, when New Orleans became an American city, it kept its own character, retaining its unique culture. Pirates and smugglers ruled, often holding more power than the local government. The city was an important route for trading smuggled goods to and from the Caribbean and into the Mississippi River basin. Catholicism and African traditions clashed to create Voodoo, giving the city its own spirituality and leaving behind a spooky aura that still hangs over the city today. Some quirky characters are known to haunt the city. The ghost of the spiritual healer Marie Leveau has been spotted in several locations across the city. Still, she is most likely seen hanging around her grave at the St. Louis Cemetery. The spirit of legendary pirate Jean Lafitte is often spotted in bars across the French Quarter or at his old blacksmith shop. The people of New Orleans are resilient, having survived numerous tragedies over the years. Fires, epidemics, hurricanes, but the people of the Big Easy stand firm, and so do the ghosts! Book your New Orleans ghost tour today at!

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St. Louis Cathedral

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Ghost tours are held nightly, rain or shine.

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1 hr. over 1 mile

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