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San Francisco may be a friendly place, but don’t be fooled! The Bay hides some pretty spooky secrets! Book a tour with US Ghost Adventures as we explore the creepiest haunts in the 415.


You’ll learn about the hidden history of San Francisco with one of our local guides and paranormal experts. You’ll get to see the city like never before, and you might even come face-to-face with a real ghost! Are you scared yet? You should be! Our tours rely on the natural haunted essence of the city to get that adrenaline rush. There’s nobody in a costume sneaking up behind you for a cheap scare; our thrills are authentic. Whether you’re a local looking to learn more about your city, or a tourist who wants to see the sights, we’ve got a spot for you. So what are you waiting for? Book your San Francisco ghost tour today!


Before the Europeans arrived, the San Francisco Bay Area was inhabited by the Yelamu people. The Spaniards arrived in the mid-1700s, and like usual, they attempted to use Catholicism to subjugate the local Indigenous tribes. Originally called Yerba Buena when the budding town was part of Mexico, the name was changed to San Francisco shortly before the end of the Mexican-American War. The land was soon ceded over to the United States, but San Francisco remained a small town despite its ideal location in a natural harbor. It wasn’t until the California Gold Rush that the population started to grow. The city exploded in 1849 as prospectors flocked to the town hoping to hit it big, leading to them being nicknamed “Forty-niners.” The town grew even more after California became a state, as more gold and silver reserves were discovered nearby. Asian immigration became a central focal point for the city as Chinese, Japanese, and Filipinos crossed the Pacific, looking for work and opportunity in the face of racism and heavy discrimination. The 1906 earthquake left a lasting impression on the city, destroying much of San Francisco’s infrastructure, but the city came back more vital than ever. During the Great Depression, the city was able to take on the massive task of building the Golden Gate Bridge.

Today, San Francisco is a financial and cultural powerhouse. But behind the tech companies, protest marches, and friendly atmosphere, San Francisco hides some pretty dark secrets. The City by the Bay is overrun with ghosts, and they’re waiting to be discovered! Many are locked up in Alcatraz or stranded on Angel Island, while some hang out on the Bay Bridge or on Lombard Street. Then there are the classic haunted houses like the Whittier Mansion or the Nob Hill Inn. The spirits of the immigrants and gold prospectors who flocked to San Francisco created a cultural melting pot and left behind tons of interesting ghost stories. So don’t miss out on the Bay Area haunts! Book your San Francisco ghost tour today at!

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Ghost tours are held nightly, rain or shine.

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