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Are you looking for a spooky, fun ghost tour of Gettysburg? US Ghost Adventures has ghost tours to die for! USGA is America's leading haunted house and ghost tour provider - we even own the Lizzie Borden House!


Every tour we offer is hosted by experienced local guides that have got the goods on the ghosts of Gettysburg. You'll probably hear some firsthand stories by guests or even the tour guide who witnessed the unexplained! We don't offer amusement park types of thrills, so if that's what you're after, then this isn't for you. No one wears a costume and jumps out and yells BOO! Instead, we offer an educated, authentic experience to make sense of the unexplained. Suppose you're visiting Pennsylvania or just want to know more about your hometown's haunted past. In that case, our adventures are guaranteed to give you a ghostly experience you won't forget!


Gettysburg's rich history has produced an abundance of spooky lore and stories that intrigue and bewilder people to this day. The three days of the brutal Battle of Gettysburg in 1863 is a known turning point in the American Civil War. The battle resulted in the most significant number of casualties of troops and Generals in the entire War. Many have claimed to see the spirits of the lost souls that still linger there.

The War itself was between the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia commanded by Robert E. Lee and the Army of the Potomac commanded by George G. Meade.

Although Lee experienced early success in the battle, he was ultimately defeated by Meade. Executing an orderly withdrawal, Lee escaped across the Potomac River without being drawn into another fight. President Lincoln chastised Meade for his failure to destroy Lee's retreating army.

In the bloodiest battle in history, 27,000 Confederate soldiers and 23,000 Union soldiers died those three days. The residents of Gettysburg had the undaunting task of caring for the injured and burying the dead.

Only one civilian was killed during the battle, surprisingly. A 20-year-old woman was hit by a stray bullet that came through her door while she was baking bread.

There are rumors behind Sachs Bridge of three confederate soldiers who deserted their unit and were killed on the bridge. An untimely death may be the explanation behind shadows of soldiers seen standing overlooking the water.

The battle took place all over the city and not just on the battlefield. Because of the massive injured and dying, any building was turned into a field hospital. At the Tillie Pierce House Inn, people report hearing footsteps, spirits sitting on the bed next to them, and a soldier constantly walking up and down the hall as if on patrol.

The Battle at Gettysburg is a considerable part of the haunted history of Gettysburg. But it's not the only part. To learn more about the haunting past of Gettysburg, grab a spot on our Gettysburg Ghost Tour today at!

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