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The ghosts of its past haunt the Country Music Capital...Nashville is full of spirits waiting to be discovered! Come take a tour of the spookiest city in the Deep South with US Ghost Adventures!


You'll see Nashville like never before with one of our locally sourced expert tour guides as you learn the hidden history of the city. They're well-versed in local folklore, and they've even had some supernatural encounters of their own! Our tours are exciting, informative, and most of all, authentic! We don't rely on somebody in a cheap costume to get a scare out of you. We let the ghosts do all the haunting! Whether you were born and raised in Tennessee or a tourist to the Music City, a tour with US Ghost Adventures is a hauntingly great time. So giddy on up and book a Nashville ghost tour today!


Nashville is a musical city; even the ghosts here are talented! But before the city was known as a haven for musical talent, it was a mere trading post established by the French in the early 1700s. The area was originally inhabited by indigenous tribes of the Mississippian culture, who had a thriving civilization that later collapsed. The trading post was known as the French Lick, and American colonists established Fort Nashborough at the trading post site. This was the beginning of Nashville, which eventually grew into a prosperous town. The city depended on slave labor to uphold its economy, primarily tobacco and hemp cultivation. The iron industry propelled Nashville to become among the wealthiest cities in the South until the city was hit by a cholera epidemic and the Civil War. Nashville was taken early on by Union troops and was one of the decisive victories in the war. After the war, the Ku Klux Klan waged a campaign of violence against free African Americans and their Northern allies in the city during Reconstruction. Later on, Nashville became a nexus for Jazz and Blues music, centered around the African American community on Jefferson Street. Today, Nashville is still known for its musical background, booming economy, and a life-sized replica of the Greek Parthenon. But it's also known for something much spookier...ghosts!

Country music star Loretta Lynn is well known for a career that's lasted over half a century. Her ranch is also haunted by several spirits, including Confederate soldiers and a mother in mourning. The ghost of Andrew Jackson has been spotted in his old home, known as The Hermitage. He was known as a stubborn man, so it only fits that his spirit would refuse to leave his residence. The Tennessee State Prison is one of the most haunted places in the state, with the ghosts of those who were executed and killed in prison riots still haunting the cell blocks. The ghostly history of the Deep South is calling your name! Don't keep the spirits waiting...Book your Nashville ghost tour today at!

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Skull's Rainbow Room

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Ghost tours are held nightly, rain or shine.

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1 hr. across 1 mile

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