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Dallas Ghost Tour

Look into the haunted locations of Dallas, Texas, on a Dallas ghost tour with Lizzie Borden Ghost Adventures. Your adventure into the historical past of Dallas will resonate in your mind forever!

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Why You Need to Take Our Dallas Ghost Tour

What we offer is an educated, unique experience making sense of the unexplainable. You may even hear some eerie accounts from others in the group who have experienced the unexplainable. It doesn’t matter if you live in Texas or just looking into the haunted past of your hometown. Lizzie Borden Ghost Tours is guaranteed to deliver the goods on the ghosts of Dallas you’ll never forget!

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Five Stars

Great tour and great tour guide.

Miranda Henderson

Five Stars

We loved hearing some of the dark history of Dallas. Our guide Frank was so knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

Elizabeth Moore

Five Stars

Frank was a great tour guide! This tour was a great mix of history, story telling, and ghosts. Great for all ages!

Emsy Cullinan
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Why is Dallas So Haunted?

Like all states in our country, Dallas was first inhabited by Native Americans. In the early 18th century, the Spanish moved in and claimed the land. Then, the French came in and claimed the land. Throughout Dallas’s history, six flags have been flown over the city – France, Spain, Mexico, the Confederate flag, and the flag of the United States. 


The area remained governed by the Spanish until 1821 and gained its independence from Mexico in 1836. This formed the Republic of Texas. In 1841 Tennessee attorney John Neely Bryan, accompanied by his dog Tubby and a Cherokee he called Ned, put a steak atop a bluff claiming the site. Two years later, he established the town of Dallas.

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Lizzie Borden Tour


The most infamous piece of Dallas history is the assassination of President John F. Kennedy by Lee Harvey Oswald. The President’s motorcade drove through downtown Dallas on Elm Street. From a building’s second-story window, Oswald shot at the President fatally wounding him. President Kennedy was pronounced dead thirty minutes later at Dallas Parkland Memorial. Hundreds witnessed the horrific event firsthand while thousands more watched in horror from home on the television. 

Dallas has a trying and often treacherous history. Hostile Indians, prejudices, wars, and murders all paved way to the Lone Star state.

Why should you tour with us?

You want to learn more about this historical city

Dallas is just one of those cities that people can’t get enough of. From The Real Housewives to the show Dallas, there are numerous shows based around this beautiful city. The assassination of President Kennedy is still referenced in pop culture and in some of today’s most popular series. You’ve seen all that, so what now? Now, join us on a Dallas ghost tour you'll never forget!

You want to do something different than the typical "touristy" things

If you’re new to Dallas, you know there’s quite a bit to take in. No matter the size of your group or who’s in it, there’s something for everyone in this thriving metropolis. From theme parks to unique shopping, to fine dining and event centers, there’s always something to do here. But what if you’ve done it all? If you’re looking for something different that will leave you wanting more, Dallas Ghost Tour is it!

You're a skeptic

Not everyone believes in the afterlife. That’s OK! Even if you think the thought of spirits is silly, there’s still plenty for you on this tour. You’ll learn why the area was developed, the evolution of downtown Dallas, and who played integral roles in its creation and its infamy. Even if you’re not a believer, the places you’ll see and the stories you’ll hear will at the very least get your gears turning.

You want to be inspired

The shows that are based on this city are great but they don’t really dig deep into the creation of it. Maybe you’re ready to start that book or screenplay about the dark and tragic stories behind the heart of Dallas. This is a great place to start! If stories are what you’re after and some inspiration to bring them to life on other platforms, Dallas Ghost Tour makes the perfect launching point.

You need an activity to entertain the whole family

As tragic and dark as these tales are, they’re told with the family in mind. Because at the end of the day, our goal is to provide you with a great time and a memorable experience. Your tour through downtown Dallas will include visits to some poignant landmarks and the spirits that inhabit them. They’re creepy enough to give you chills but tame enough to keep you coming back to this beautiful side of the world. 

You want to experience an authentic ghost tour

There’s nothing more interesting than a story that almost sounds too incredible to be true, but that’s exactly what you’ll hear. And the best part is, they’re all true! Our team does a deep dive into each location and conducts copious amounts of research to ensure the guides are able to bring the most factual, entertaining, and chilling stories to life. But don’t worry! All stories are told with families in mind.


Grassy Knoll

Most famously known as the location of the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, the Grassy Knoll is an infamous and eerie location. The spot’s history is palpable, with a distinct white ‘X’ marking exactly where the President’s assassination occurred. Medical examiners pronounced John F. Kennedy dead just thirty minutes after the shooting, solidifying the location’s legacy forever.

Sixth Floor Museum

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza also relates to the infamous assassination of John F. Kennedy. Within the museum on the sixth floor of the Dallas County Administration Building, you can stand at the very spot where Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed the President. A mixture of historical photographs and artifacts helps to bring this chilling spot to life.

John Neely Cabin

Among the bustling streets of metropolitan Dallas sits a lone log cabin. It stands out from its surroundings enormously, and you would be forgiven for wondering why in the world it remained. The reason is that this cabin is the first house to have ever existed in Dallas. Originally built by John Neely Bryan in the early 1840s, the cabin has been sealed for decades but still enjoys frequent visitors. It’s in Dealey Plaza, not far from JFK’s memorial, where murderous events have stained the plaza for over 150 years.


Parking and Meeting Place

Please see your booking details for meeting location. There are neighboring parking garages and street parking that are available in the area.

Group Size

Group size varies based on time of year and demand. We can keep everyone in your party in the same group. We’ve been doing this for years, and manage group size to ensure guests have a great experience. In the event you can’t hear your tour guide, let them know, or move closer to them.

Dog/Pet Policy

Pets are welcome as long as they do not disrupt or distract from the tour

Arrival Time

The arrival time will be listed on your confirmation email and in the available tour times when you click the book button

How To Contact Us

Please do not call us, the best way to reach us is by email using the contact form on this website

What Is An Extended Tour?

An extended tour takes you to a few additional locations when the regular tour ends. This adds about four new places and 30 minutes to your tour- highly recommended

How Do I Order An Extended Tour?

Book a tour and check the +1 box for each person in your group where it says “Extended Tour” at checkout to add an extended Ghost tour.

How Do I Order a Private Tour?

Please contact us directly for pricing and availability. We do not do private tours under 30 persons. If you have a group under 30, please order directly from the website’s book now option.

Weather/Cancellation Policy

Tours are held rain or shine. We will contact you if the tour is cancelled.

Can I Show Up To a Different Tour Day and Time?

Please only attend the tour for the day and time you are booked, as another day or time may not be available. If you need to reschedule, please contact us by email first. There is a $10 per order (not person) rebooking fee for each schedule change.

What If I'm Late?

As it is unfair to other guests, we do not wait for late or no show parties. Please remember to arrive to the correct location on time! We do not grant refunds to guests who fail to arrive to the appointed place on time and miss their tour.

Do Ghost Tours Go Inside Buildings?

No, but some of the locations you can visit during the day for free. We simply wouldn’t have the time to focus on as many stories as we do if we were to enter each one, and we wish to focus on the stories, and leave the exploring up to you!

When Should I Arrive?

15 minutes before the start of your tour

Do You Offer Food?


Do We Ride in a Vehicle?

No, this is a walking tour.

Is Your Tour Wheelchair/Stroller Friendly?

Most of the tour is not stroller or wheelchair accessible.

Can I Take Photos?

Yes, you are welcome to take photos of the locations we visit!

Can I Take Video?

No, videos are not allowed

Can I Smoke On Tour?

No, there is no smoking allowed on the tour

Alcohol and Drinking Policy

We do not allow intoxicated guests or drinking on the tour- we will promptly ask those in violation to leave

#1 In Ghost Adventures

Lizzie Borden Ghost Tours

America’s most infamously haunted house delivers the most terrifying scares from all across the nation. We’ve compiled an extensive list of notoriously haunted locations and packaged them into spooky, entertaining tours available throughout the nation. Discover the true, unfiltered stories that created these hair-raising scares in only the unique and engaging way our expert guides can bring them to you. From the ghosts of unsolved murders and tragic accidents to disturbed spirits unable to find peace, there’s no limit to what we expose on our authentic ghost tours. Join us as we take you on an unforgettable, chilling journey through your city’s dark past and uncover the sinister secrets that put these places on the otherworldly map.

The Lizzie Borden House is home to the infamous murders that captivated the nation and made Lizzie Borden a macabre household name. Guests can explore the house via a variety of tours and, for those brave enough, stay in this notoriously haunted home. We aim to provide you with a memorable experience as well as deliver the best ghost tours, haunted pub crawls, and a variety of other experiences in over 100 cities.


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