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Look into the historical locations of Dallas, Texas, with a US Ghost Adventures ghost tour. US Ghost Adventures offers intriguing and informative haunted houses and ghost tours across the country.


As the leading provider of ghost tours in America, our tour guides have experience and knowledge of the historical locations we cover. We don't dress in costumes to jump out and scare you like an amusement park thrill. If this is what you're after, then our tours aren't for you. What we offer is an educated, unique experience making sense of the unexplainable. You may even hear some eerie accounts from others in the group who have experienced the unexplainable. It doesn't matter if you live in Texas or just looking into the haunted past of your hometown. Dallas Ghost Tour is guaranteed to deliver the goods on the ghosts of Dallas you'll never forget!


Like all states in our country, Dallas was first inhabited by Native Americans. In the early 18th century, the Spanish moved in and claimed the land. Then, the French came in and claimed the land. Throughout Dallas's history, six flags have been flown over the city - France, Spain, Mexico, the Confederate flag, and the flag of the United States.

The area remained governed by the Spanish until 1821 and gained its independence from Mexico in 1836. This formed the Republic of Texas.

In 1841 Tennessee attorney John Neely Bryan, accompanied by his dog Tubby and a Cherokee he called Ned, put a steak atop a bluff claiming the site. Two years later, he established the town of Dallas.

Dallas' history is forever tainted by the lynching of a black man by a mob of hundreds of people.
Brooks was tortured and then hung from a decorative archway inscribed "Welcome Visitors." Thousands came to gawk at the torture scene, collecting keepsakes and posing for photographs.

The most memorable piece of Dallas history is the assassination of President John F. Kennedy by Lee Harvey Oswald. The President's motorcade drove through downtown Dallas on Elm Street. From a building's second-story window, Oswald shot at the President fatally wounding him. President Kennedy was pronounced dead thirty minutes later at Dallas Parkland Memorial. Hundreds witnessed the horrific event firsthand while thousands more watched in horror from home on the television. One can only imagine the high energy felt in that historical Dallas location! A part of haunted history for the world, let alone Dallas itself.

Dallas has a trying and often treacherous history. Hostile Indians, prejudices, wars, and murders all paved way to the Lone Star state.

Book your spot on a Dallas Ghost Tour with US Ghost Adventures at www.usghostadventures.com today! Your adventure into the historical past of Dallas will resonate in your mind forever!

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Ferris Plaza & Park Fountain

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