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Ready to see Portland like never before? The haunts are nonstop in the PDX, where the spirits of old loggers and gold miners still live on. Come take a tour with US Ghost Adventures!


We offer some of the best ghost tours in America! You’ll be joined by one of our expert tour guides, a Portland local whose seen their fair share of poltergeists. Our tours are exciting, informative, but best of all, they’re authentic! There’s nobody in a cheesy costume hiding in a dark corner waiting for a cheap scare. We rely on the spook factor of the haunted houses on our tours to get that blood flowing. You never know...you might even come face-to-face with a real ghost! So whether you’re a Portland native or just visiting from out of town, you’ll have a fantastic experience with US Ghost Adventures. So what are you waiting for? Book a Portland ghost tour today!


Portland is in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, where the great outdoors are like home to those who cherish the natural beauty. The Chinook tribes initially inhabited the Willamette Valley. Before European settlement, the area was the most densely populated region on the West Coast and was home to the largest native territories in the Pacific. After Louis and Clark opened the pathway to the Pacific Northwest, the Oregon Trail brought hundreds of thousands of settlers to the Williamette Valley. The original parcel of land containing the new settlement was split between two entrepreneurs who wanted to name the settlement after their respective hometowns. Asa Lovejoy was from Boston, and Francis W. Pettygrove was from Portland, Maine. They settled the matter using a coin toss, and Pennygrove won. The coin used in the decision is called the Portland Penny and is on display at the headquarters of the Oregon Historical Society.

As the city grew, it became known as Stumptown, for the many trees which were cleared to accommodate the growing population. The city earned a gritty reputation as a violent and dangerous port town filled with angry loggers and sailors. After the counterculture of the 1960s, Portland grew into a progressive town and today remains a hub for environmentalism, LGBTQ rights, and social activism. But the city has quite the dark side...it’s infested with ghosts and ghouls! Portland has a long history, dating back to when thousands lost their lives on the Oregon Trail. Lumberjacks and loggers also flocked to the city looking for work. The spirits of the early Portlandians still live on, and they love to haunt the streets at night. The Shanghai Tunnels run underneath the city, and they’re filled to the brim with strange supernatural entities. After dark, they emerge to pay a visit to haunted establishments around town, like the Crystal Ballroom and the White Eagle Saloon. The Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery also gives off a creepy vibe if walking through haunted graveyards is your thing. Are you looking to visit Stumptown? Book a haunted ghost tour today at www.usghostadventures.com!

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In front of Lan Su Chinese Garden

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Ghost tours are held nightly, rain or shine.

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1 hr. across 1 mile

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