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Salem is one of the spookiest cities in America. Make sure you see everything the City of Witches has to offer! US Ghost Adventures provides the best ghost tours in America. We even own the haunted Lizzie Borden House!


Our tour guides are Salem locals, so you’ll learn about the town’s creepy history, and as experts of the ghostly realm, they’ve had their fair share of encounters with the supernatural. The ghosts in Salem are everywhere, so you’ll be sure to have a spectral meeting of your own. Our tours are exciting and informative, but best of all, they’re authentic! There’s nobody dressed up in a cheap costume waiting to scare you. We rely on Salem’s haunted essence to bring the scares. So whether you’re a Salem local looking for a fun night out, or a tourist looking to explore the town, book a Salem ghost tour today! It’s an experience you won’t soon forget!


Salem was originally an Indigenous trading post until the arrival of the Europeans in 1626. Salem, and Massachusetts in general, became a predominantly Puritan colony. The Puritans were a highly religious sect of Christians who faced heavy persecution in Anglican England and found refuge in America. The religious culture of Salem led to a heavily conservative mindset where the church dictated self-expression, sexuality, and daily life. Those who deviated from the norm faced ostracization and banishment from Puritan society, and allegations of witchcraft became common as personal vendettas and rebellion against the religious order ran rampant. The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 have left a lasting impression on the small seaside town. The trials served as a cautionary tale of mass hysteria, but the legends have been woven into local folklore. There’s even a neighborhood called Witchcraft Heights! Today, Salem is one of America’s spookiest places, and the town is dotted with haunted houses. The aptly named Witch House is the last remaining building used during the Salem Witch Trials, and the ghosts of the Puritans are still lurking within. The ghost of Bridget Bishop still haunts the city after her execution in the witch trials, and she’s often seen around the Hawthorne Hotel. The spirits of pirates and sailors have been known to dwell around the Derby District, once known as Salem’s red-light district. Don’t miss out on the terrifying treasures of Massachusetts! Book your Salem ghost tour today at!

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Salem Five Savings Bank

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Ghost tours are held nightly, rain or shine.

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