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Are you in search of an educating and fun ghost tour in Baltimore? As the leading ghost tour company in America, US Ghost Adventures offers educated, historical ghost tours in cities all over the country! We even own the Lizzie Borden House!


Our tour guides aren’t just fly-by-night guides who boringly follow a script handed to them. We handpick local individuals who have the experience and the knowledge to deliver the goods on the ghosts!

You’ll hear firsthand accounts from people who have experienced the unexplained. Sometimes guests have their own eerie story to tell, and often the tour guide does too! Our ghost tours aren’t amusement park thrills, so if that’s what you’re looking for, our tours aren’t for you. No one dressed in a costume is going to jump out from behind a bush to scare you. We offer an authentic experience in the effort to make some sense out of the unexplainable. It doesn’t matter if you are just visiting Maryland or wanting to find out the haunted history behind Baltimore’s historical locations. Baltimore Ghost Tour will provide a ghostly experience you’ll never forget!


Baltimore has a fascinating and haunting history from its first settlers, the Native Americans, but the real fun history began when William Fell founded the waterfront neighborhood in Baltimore known as Fells Point in 1763.

Fells Point was a shipbuilding and commercial center that was prominent to the War of 1812 with its schooner-building vessels that were known for their incredible speed and handling.

In 1798 Fort McHenry was built in another Baltimore neighborhood called Locus Point. Fort McHenry was home to many deaths and tragedies from the War of 1812, its use as a prison during the Civil War, and a hospital during the Spanish flu plague in 1918. The most prominent influence the fort is noted for is the influence in the writing of our national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner.

All wars aside, Baltimore was also home to the world’s most renowned writer and poet, Edgar Allan Poe. The dark writer lived in Baltimore when he met and married his 13-year-old first cousin Virginia who died 11 years into their marriage, devastating Poe but also giving way to some of his most famous writings. More a mystery than his writings is Poe’s death. He died in a Baltimore hospital after being found on the streets delirious and feverish, and the mystery to the history behind it is intriguing. He is buried in Westminster Burial grounds which has its own mysterious history itself!

Book your Baltimore Ghost Tour at today! US Ghost Adventures guarantees a hauntingly great time!

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