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Are you ready to uncover the hauntings of Rhode Island’s historic capital on a ghost tour of Providence? Prepare to unveil the sinister side of this forsaken colonial settlement.

Join a Providence Ghosts tour by US Ghost Adventures to discover just how deep the darkness in Providence goes! We offer meticulously researched and authentic stories of haunted locations on our ghost tour experiences all over America! US Ghost Adventures will lead you on a hunt for the most iconic and haunted historical locations of Providence you’ve always dreamed of seeing, while offering a frighteningly real experience you’ll always remember.


Learn the shocking reasons why the ghosts of legendary authors of the macabre, politicians, conspirators, and Revolutionary War soldiers continue to haunt the historic streets of Rhode Island’s capital to this very day.

If you’re in the mood for a spine-tingling, exciting, and unforgettable ghost tour in Providence, you’ve unlocked the door to a ghostly destination. Your bone-chilling ghost tour will be led by a knowledgeable local guide, waiting in the darkness with a lantern and unfathomable ghost stories.  This local expert knows all about the true history and unexplained ghost encounters in Providence. This isn’t a museum, Disney World, or a haunted corn maze. It’s unbelievably more terrifying than a measly roller coaster ride. If that’s what you want, you best look elsewhere and run the opposite direction. No one here is going to put on an outrageously cheesy costume to jump out and try to scare you…but the adrenaline rush will be even more intense than you imagine when you see with your very eyes some of the most haunted locations in Rhode Island, up close and personal.

Outside of H.P. Lovecraft's The Shunned House
The Haunted H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Shunned” House in Providence, Rhode Island

Experience a Providence Ghosts tour to uncover ridiculously haunted places like H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Shunned House”.  This infamous, and abandoned, home that was used in Lovecraft’s horror novelette “The Shunned House” has hauntings described in great detail that were the stuff of fiction…but when former residents revealed eyewitness accounts of otherworldly beings also trying to occupy the house, the hauntings and stories suddenly become very real.  Dive into the nail-biting universe of Lovecraft by standing directly at the infamously haunted house, whose beginnings date back to the late 1700s.  The terrifying tales told in “The Shunned House” speak of ghosts, vampires, and multiple mysterious deaths, the echoes of which are said to cross over into this reality and linger around the property.  Uncover the devilish details behind this hellish haunted house and reveal the secrets of dark truths uttered by it’s previous residents…some of which even claimed to have been distant cousins of a real-life werewolf.



Known s a bastion of “Hope”, the original motto of Rhode Island, the settlers of the colony founded the Providence Plantations to escape from religious persecution and find a place where they could worship freely, away from the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  Tragically, the beacon of light transformed into a black hole, eventually becoming a gateway for otherworldly visitors, shocking hauntings, and numerous accounts of the unexplained.  The pull of darkness was so intense that it began to attract, like an evil magnet, the world’s most famous horror writers who were destined for notoriety because of their unusual obsession with the morbid and the macabre.  Even these giants of horror were finally doomed to lives of torment and torture due to their fixation on all things supernatural.


Dive into the disturbingly darker side of the history of Providence to discover the reasons former infamous residents such as Edgar Allen Poe, Bram Stoker, and H.P. Lovecraft searched and found ghostly inspirations for terrifying tales in the town’s tormented buildings and alleyways.

Trek cautiously down the sordid streets of this colonial city and attempt to encounter the ghosts of soldiers in Revolutionary war uniforms whose dearly departed souls haunt Brown College’s University Hall.  Find out firsthand what it feels like to come face-to-face with terrifying hauntings that have plagued Providence locals and visitors for centuries.

The Gate at Brown College University Hall
The Gate at Brown College University Hall in Providence, Rhode Island


Used as an emergency hospital to treat soldiers during the Revolutionary War, the echoes of pain, dying, and death have soaked into the very foundations of Brown College’s University Hall. Hundreds of years later,  reports of strange smelling scents wafting from the hall are documented by students and staff.  These are speculated to be the stench of dead, decaying bodies, that historians recount were left behind when countless soldiers tragically met their bitter ends on the very grounds of the University Hall.  Appearances of an apparition resembling a long-dead revolutionary soldier create quite a bone-chilling disturbance when its sightings are quickly passed along and transformed from rumor into fact as countless students tell the tale of spotting it in one of the building’s windows. Even more terrifying are the sporadic, but well-documented account of spirits of soldiers roaming the halls.

Join us and experience firsthand the unspeakable horrors that plague the site of this former makeshift hospital, and dive into the eerie history of this historic building..



Travel back to the dead of night in colonial times on a breathtaking tour of Providence and listen with eyes wide open to the dark deeds the villains and outlaws of this historic city perpetrated against their unwilling victims.  Providence’s past has strong links with darkness, including the countless, tragic murders, grisly suicides, and inexplicable mysteries…all of which have left a gruesome stain on the city’s legacy. Make a stop at the notorious Turk’s Head Building, long rumored to be a gathering place of a mysterious and macabre secret society. With supposed Satanism, secret conspiracies, and chilling legends of unnatural creatures all playing a sinister part of Rhode Island’s deadly past, its capital is filled with shocking ghost stories that are sure to haunt you during your trip to Rhode Island…and continue long after you’ve returned home.

Haunted Providence Athenaeum Library
Haunted Providence Athenaeum Library in Providence, Rhode Island

The Providence Athenaeum Library is known as a favorite spot of two critically acclaimed writers, H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe.  The spirits of both legendary fiction authors are rumored to haunted the grounds of this haunted building from the great beyond..

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All tours meet at Rhode Island Holocaust Memorial Park at: Memorial Park, S Main St, Providence, RI 02903

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Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour!

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