Virginia Beach Ghost Tour

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Are you visiting Virginia Beach and wish you could learn more about its history before you leave? Or perhaps you live in the city and have always wondered what some of the oldest buildings in the square were – now you can find out, with US Ghost Adventures! We offer hauntingly fun historical tours in over 33 cities in America, Virginia Beach included!

Our tours are unlike any other, with knowledgeable local guides ready to show you the spookiest spots around town. If you're looking for amusement park thrills, look elsewhere. Our tours are relaxed and focused on local history and lore – they're even appropriate for kids! We offer an authentic experience that allows questions to be asked about some of your city's most unexplainable happenings. So if you're in Virginia Beach and looking for a great time, keep USGA in mind!

The history of Virginia Beach, Virginia, goes back to the Native Americans who lived in the area for thousands of years before the English colonists landed at Cape Henry in April 1607 and established their first permanent settlement at Jamestown a few weeks later. The Colonial Virginia period extended until 1776 and the American Revolution, and the area has been part of the Commonwealth of Virginia ever since. Virginia Beach developed as a resort following construction of a hotel and a railroad linking it with Norfolk. After World War I it became an important base in the national coastal-defense system. In 1963 Virginia Beach and the former Princess Anne county merged as the City of Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach is home to plenty of unexplained history and strange locations, such as The Surf and Rescue Museum. Housed in a former U.S Life Saving Station built in 1903, the Virginia Beach Surf and Rescue Museum preserves the coastal city’s maritime history through exhibits on local surfing legends, super storms that have hit Virginia Beach, shipwrecks, local lifeguards and more. Many of the museum’s staff report experiencing otherworldly phenomena in the old building, which is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places. Some have heard maniacal laughing attributed to the Witch of Pungo, Grace Sherwood, disembodied spirits of shipwreck victims who were often laid in the attic until the bodies were claimed, and even phantom footsteps leading up to the guard tower.

Since 2013, US Ghost Adventures has offered entertaining, historic, and authentic ghost tours of America's most haunted cities. We deliver fun yet honest accounts of hauntings across the nation. Our ghost stories are based on historical research, but that doesn't mean they won't send a chill down your spine.
Our founder, Lance Zaal, is an authority on haunted sites in the US and is frequently
consulted by the media as an expert on unexplained phenomena.
US Ghost Adventures also offers virtual tours, a self-guided mobile app, and an Alexa
voice app.

So, the next time you’re enjoying the sand and surf in Virginia Beach and you find yourself looking for a unique tour, a hauntingly fun date night idea, or a spooky day trip with the kids, US Ghost Adventure's Virginia Beach ghost tour is the plan for you! Check out our website at to book your tour today, read our blog, or to learn more about other cities we offer tours in!

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