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Basement Overnight Ghost Hunt

New for 2024, for the first time you can conduct a ghost hunt in the basement of the Lizzie Borden House after midnight. This option gives you access to the first floor and exclusive access to the basement to a maximum of ten people to conduct a ghost hunt in the basement and / or the first floor of the house.

Ghost hunt equipment is included (listed below) for the activity, and you may elect to order breakfast after. If you wish to have breakfast, please order using the "book a room" button and select it as an add-on at checkout. You will have use of full restroom and kitchen on first floor.

Much activity in the house occurs after midnight, and use of the basement is prime real estate to capture activity. Guests may control the lighting and set up to interact with otherworldly forces in the home for eight hours. Basement access includes the washroom, the room under the parlor where Andrew Borden was killed while lying on the couch, and the central area connecting the two.

Ghost Hunting equipment includes:

  • 1) Rem Pod
  • 2) Coffin music box
  • 3) Laser grids
  • 4) EMF detector
  • 5) Ghost Radio
  • 6) Flashlight
  • 7) Thermal imaging camera

The hunt will begin with an overview of the equipment and how to use it, and include a user guide to help anyone who may be unfamiliar with the equipment.

Under the hatchet space includes four chairs around a center table and can accommodate all 8 persons, but 6 is most comfortable.

The washroom area is ideal to accommodate four ghost hunters and includes seating and a murphy bed. Neither of these spaces are intended for sleeping overnight.

Privacy separators are provided for your group for added focus on your ghost hunt.