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Pittsburgh has a long and dark history, and it’s not because the city’s covered in soot. The Steel City is known for being a spooky nightmare. Ghosts and ghouls haunt the streets of Pittsburg, and they don’t hold back! Luckily US Ghost Adventures is here to guide you through the haunts safely.


You’ll be accompanied by one of our expert tour guides. In addition to being a bonafide Pittsburgh local, our guides have had plenty of encounters with the supernatural. Our ghost tours are exciting, informative, and most of all, authentic! Nobody is hiding around the corner in a cheap costume waiting to scare you. Who knows? You might even see a ghost with your very own eyes! Whether you’re a Pittsburg native looking to learn about the city’s haunted history or a tourist looking for a night out, a tour with US Ghost Adventures is a time you won’t soon forget. So what are you waiting for? Book a Pittsburgh ghost tour today!


The history of Pittsburgh is the story of industrialism in America. Heavy industry rules this corner of the country, but the Shawnee peoples inhabited the region before the city was established. As Europeans arrived in the area, the area at the confluence of the Alleghany, Monongahela, and Ohio Rivers became increasingly important as a trading hub. The French sought to connect French Canada to Louisiana using the path of the rivers. The origins of Pittsburgh are rooted in the French-Indian Wars with the construction of Fort Pitts by the British in the 1760s. After the wars and the American Revolution, the settlement, now known as Pittsburgh, began growing as European immigration grew. As slavery was abolished in the North, African Americans found shelter in the city due to its close proximity to the South, and several stations in the Underground Railroad were hosted in Pittsburgh. After the Civil War, the steel industry exploded in the city, as steel magnate Andrew Carnegie expanded his empire.

The city grew into one of America’s largest cities. It became a major destination in the Great Migration as African Americans fled racist terror in the South and sought jobs in the steel mills. Union strikes also rocked the city as workers clashed with anti-unionists while demanding higher wages. Today, Pittsburgh still has a reputation for heavy industry, but it’s also known for ghosts! The city is mired with the spirits of the steelworkers who built the city from the ground up. You might see their ghosts hanging around town. The worst of the worst can be seen at the Allegany County Jail. Rumors have it that the spirit of an inmate who committed suicide haunts the building. Some also hang out at certain haunted spots in South Park or the North Shore. One of the spookiest houses in the city is the Congelier House, which was the site of a grisly double-murder stemming from a jealous wife. The haunts in Steel City are endless, so book your Pittsburgh ghost tour today at www.usghostadventures.com!

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